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30x your current sales team

Mass, personalized outreach is our secret weapon.

We are experts in the B2B email marketing space, leveraging the latest AI and a proprietary outreach & deliverability software being used by over 3500 businesses worldwide.

Keep up with technology.

Technology moves fast. So do we. We are all about volume and speed. Our strategy is executed with precision where your ideal customer profile will see your offer. Tell us how you find your ideal customer, and we can automate it.

Impressions and clicks don't pay bills.

At Top of Funnel, we focus on ROI. We bring genuine leads who are interested in your product or service.

Data and Results driven.

Analyzing data from millions of emails sent every month gives us an unfair advantage. We simply know what works.


Been there, done that.

We know how to bring it.

Our experienced team has consistently achieved significant outcomes across various highly competitive sectors. Our strategies have facilitated engagements with key decision-makers in Fortune 100 companies, substituted and revolutionized sales teams, and have even contributed to a triumphant business exit.

AI & Machine Learning-Powered.

We leverage AI technology to ensure messages are hyper-personalized, relevant, and landing in the inbox, not the spam/junk folder.

Email copywriting. 

With hundreds of campaigns under our belt, we know how to make your offer resonate with your ideal customer profile.

We are our own testimonial.

We are a product of our own success. We use our own recipes every day and know what works, and we thrive in helping others!

Data and Reporting.

We are a firm believer in data and ensuring a positive ROI is tracked. We will help formulate your offer to render into a positive return on investment.

Hyper-growth mode: ON.

We know how to bring you sales; are you capable and have the resources to fulfill the demand? We help make sure we scale as fast as you're able to handle.

Engaging interactions. 

Every touchpoint is an opportunity; we ensure it's a memorable one. After all, we are people, too. It's all about relationships.

"The secret to success is to know someone nobody else knows."

Embrace the legacy digital message

Cold email marketing has been around longer than social media, and remains the king of cost-effective outreach and advertising.
An email is also hyper-targeted and can be repeated at scale for little to no cost. Something social media cannot compare to.

Think of it like like a "Private Ads Network"


Agile-based Partnership

We all have projects, teams, and goals. We are no different. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure we are continuously aligned and employing the best process and messages to your audience.

Fluid connectivity

We remain just a message away and guarantee top-notch customer service.

Optimal efficiency

Harness the power of the latest email technology to achieve unparalleled efficiency and scale your business.

Unlock your growth potential

Discover the limitless possibilities that arise when you leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of modern email marketing.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a sales opportunity?

    We define a "sales opportunity" as a targeted person in your target market who is interested in talking to you about your product or service.

  • Who is this service for?

    • Businesses who want to scale their B2B offerings, who are not already using email marketing as an advertising medium.

    • Founders who want to spend more time closing and bringing in revenue instead of spending precious time sourcing leads and prospecting.

    • Founders who have a compelling offer, a strong value proposition, and are good at closing but do not have the time, resources, or expertise to generate leads.

    • Founders who are "all in" and know that an interested lead is to be handled with care and the utmost attention; which is directly attributed to any successful business operation.

    If you find yourself buying into multiple tools such as Apollo, ZoomInfo, and other indexed databases, we can not only save you time and money, but scale and automate your process so you can focus on closing more deals.

  • How does your pricing work?

    We understand every business needs and goals are different. We partner with you by building out your entire email outbound infrastructure and implement new creative strategies to help your business grow.

    That said, our pricing model is simple at a monthly retainer that starts at $5k/month.

  • How is your workflow different than other lead generation agencies?

    As data engineering and marketing experts, we leverage tools like Clay and many other technologies via an API integration to automate and hyper-personalize each and every message.

    Tell us how you find your customer and your wildest idea, chances are we can automate and scale it!

  • What do I need to do to get started?

    To get started, we schedule a discovery call to ensure we are a good fit for your business needs and goals.

    From there, we set up your inboxes (domain purchases, inbox configurations, DMARC/DKIM, etc), which require a two-week warm up period.

    We schedule an onboarding session with you and develop a creative winning strategy with your offer.